Issue 4 and Volume 128.

FIRE ENGINEERING April 1975 Volume 128 No. 4 THE JOURNAL OF THE FIRE PROTECTION PROFESSION SINCE 1877 features 6 The Editor’s Opinion Page 19 300 Rescued as Flames Level 9-Story Apartment 22 Planning Is First Step in Handling Ammonia Leaks From Tanks, Pipelines 26 Making Decisions at Tank Fires 28 Quick Pump Course Fills Need 30 Big Streams Cut Off School Fire 34 Ohio Lab Devoted to Analysis of Arson Clues 40 L.A. City Uses Handsets and Wire in High-Rise Fire Fighting 42 Copter Nets Developed for High-Rise Rescues 46 Fire in Polystyrene Warehouse 52 Fire Service Financial Aid Urged by Bills in Congress 68 Certification by State Agencies Proposed by Qualifications Board 70 All Rescue Squads Become Paramedic in L.A. County 72 Fire Chief Heads 2 Departments—Air Base and Town 74 Standpipe Tests Benefit University and Firemen 93 Buffs Have Many Ways of Assisting Fire Service 55 Readers’ Service…

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