Certification by State Agencies Proposed by Qualifications Board

Issue 4 and Volume 128.

Certification by State Agencies Proposed by Qualifications Board features National group details criteria for evaluating ability of agencies to test and qualify fire service personnel Approved state agencies would handle the certification of fire service personnel meeting national professional standards if a proposal of the National Professional Qualifications Board for the Fire Service is adopted. The board has proposed criteria that state agencies must meet to become qualified to both test and certify fire service personnel. Certification will be based on standards for fire fighters, officers, instructors, and inspectors. The first standard, “Fire Fighter Qualifications,” NFPA 1001, was adopted and published last year. Work is continuing on the others. The National Professional Qualifications Board has asked for comments on its proposed criteria for certifying state agencies and remarks may be sent to Martin E. Grimes, Secretary to the Board, c/o Public Protection Division, National Fire Protection Association, 470 Atlantic Avenue,…

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