Copter Nets Developed For High-Rise Rescues

Issue 4 and Volume 128.

Copter Nets Developed For High-Rise Rescues features Nets for removing persons by helicopter from high-rise buildings during a fire have been demonstrated in several cities throughout the country. In the demonstrations, people not only have been lifted off roofs, but also have been removed from windows in high-rise buildings. The net rescue system developed by Billy Pugh Co., Inc., of Corpus Christi, Texas, includes a kit containing one or two nets that can be stored on a roof and nets that can be carried by helicopters. The demonstrations were not done under fire conditions, which could increase temperatures above buildings. Even natural increases in atmospheric temperature, such as on a hot day, have an adverse effect on the flight capability of helicopters. The helicopter rooftop rescue kit has a 2500-pound capacity personnel net that is stored in a fiber glass container. The container has quick-release latches and standoff brackets for…

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