Forming a Brigade For Fire Protection In Industrial Plants

Issue 5 and Volume 128.

Forming a Brigade For Fire Protection In Industrial Plants Providing a well-trained industrial fire department, fire brigade or crew is a necessity in today’s industrial and commercial environment in an effort to meet the criteria of the overall loss prevention program. Organizing such units requires that an individual review and analyze his own particular location’s needs. This includes the types of construction of the various facilities, the use of automatic detection and extinguishment equipment, the types of operations used and consideration for the various materials handled, i.e., combustibles or flammable liquids, etc. To make the organization effective, emergency forces must be provided for all shifts in which personnel are on the site. Additional plans are needed for unattended areas. When developing your system, you may wish to consider other related areas, such as rescue and first aid problems. Training vital to program In reviewing industrial fire departments, this writer found…

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