Congress Gets More Bills For Fire Fighter Benefits

Issue 6 and Volume 128.

Congress Gets More Bills For Fire Fighter Benefits Three more bills have been introduced by members of the United States House of Representatives to provide benefits to the survivors of firemen and policemen killed in the line of duty. The bills are H.R. 3105 by Henry Helstoski (D-N.J.), H.R. 3479 by Robert A. Roe (D-N.J.) and H.R. 4761 by Joseph M. Gaydos (DPa.). Roe’s bill also includes the survivors of members of volunteer ambulance teams or rescue squads. These bills were referred to the judiciary committee. Another bill introduced by Helstoski, H.R. 5168, would provide benefits for the death or total disability in the line of duty of a member of a volunteer fire department ambulance team or rescue squad. This bill also went to the judiciary committee. Floyd V. Hicks (D-Wash.) sponsored a bill, H.R. 5014, to provide that volunteer firemen shall not be considered employees under the U.…

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