Hangar, 3 Aircraft Lost In Anchorage Airport Fire

Issue 7 and Volume 128.

Hangar, 3 Aircraft Lost In Anchorage Airport Fire —Anchorage Times Photo. A rapidly spreading fire was confined to a 300 X 600-foot hangar and three aircraft that were destroyed at Anchorage, Alaska, International Airport through the coordinated operations of units from five fire departments. Estimates indicate that the loss will exceed $10 million. A team of inspectors headed by Greater Anchorage Area Borough Fire Marshal Ross Fosberg concluded that the fire apparently was caused by a cutting torch used to take a piece of exterior sheeting off the southeast corner of the hangar roof. The torch ignited adhesive between insulation panels and the sheet metal exterior covering of the hangar, and the fire spread too rapidly beneath the roof for control by first-aid extinguishers. It was estimated in less than a minute, the fire spread across the underside of the arched roof, which had a maximum height of about 70…

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