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Issue 7 and Volume 128.

From the Publishers Desk Center for Fire Research Starts Wheels Rolling On Federal Fire Action We recently went through a most interesting booklet titled “Attacking the Fire Problem—A Plan for Action” (NBS Special Publication 416) which came out of the National Bureau of Standards Center for Fire Research. The “mission” of this center, which was established by the Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act of 1974, is “to insure the development of the technical base for the standards and specifications needed in support of the national goal to reduce fire losses by 50 percent over the next generation.” The plan attacks the fire problem on a broad front that encompasses three basic programs in fire science and five applied research programs in fire safety engineering. Key words in the programs are: building design, consumer protection, fire control, fire detection, fire research, fire spread and flammability. Probably the most important group…

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