16 mm Films

Issue 7 and Volume 128.

16 mm Films FIRE FIGHTER, Area 16 Productions, 917 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, Calif. 90036; color, 26 minutes; $285, rental $50. This film which was made for and in cooperation with the International Association of Fire Fighters, is a fire fighter’s story from the beginning of Jack Webb’s introduction to the final impact of the picture’s unusual conclusion. The theme considers the true story of a fire fighter killed in the line of duty and the appointment of his son to the same department 27 years later. Fire Fighter Dave Herbert of Local 112 appears in his own role as the son. Among the subject areas of the film are fire losses and fatalities, fire behavior, types of emergencies, fireground interference, delayed alarm, tools and equipment, fire fighting hazards, high-rise problems, training and study, size-up, fire attack, interior and exterior operations, ventilation, basement fires, toxic gases and other conditions routine…

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