Trade Center Fire Report

Issue 8 and Volume 128.

Trade Center Fire Report The fire in the North Tower of the World Trade Center last February 13, that traveled from the 9th to the 19th floor through telephone shafts, is the subject of a detailed report by The New York Board of Fire Underwriters. The fire, believed to have started in upholstered furniture, entered the telephone closet on the 11th floor through openings around telephone cables. The spread of the fire vertically was attributed to 12 X 18-inch phone cable openings in each floor without fire-stopping. Principal criticism was directed at the inadequate fire-stopping of openings in the floors, the possibility of protection being removed from structural steel and the fire rating of shafts being just above minimum requirements. The report further analyzes the most common fire hazards in the modern highrise office buildings. The principal criticism is of telephone cables with combustible insulation which pass through walls and…

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