Sprinklered Building Burns Because of Alterations

Issue 8 and Volume 128.

Sprinklered Building Burns Because of Alterations features —Memphis Fire Department photo A fire that severely damaged a fourstory, brick and wood-joist, office building in Memphis was unusual in that the building was fully sprinklered. Air-handling ducts shielded some sprinkler heads and on the first three floors, the sprinkler heads were between the solid ceiling and an opengrid suspended ceiling. The cockloft also was sprinklered, but collapse of part of the building broke sprinkler piping serving this area. The building at 119 South Court, between Main and 2nd Streets, was built in 1970 and underwent extensive renovations from time to time. The building was 40 feet wide, 75 feet deep and approximately 64 feet high. It contained a full basement and cockloft between the top floor ceiling and roof deck. All floors and the roof deck were wood plank laid on wood joists, which were supported by wood and steel beams.…

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