Pre-Fire Plan Improves Sprinkler System Support

Issue 9 and Volume 128.

Pre-Fire Plan Improves Sprinkler System Support The time has come for the fire service and the fire sprinkler industry to meet. The fire sprinkler industry has installed fire fighting equipment for 100 years. We in the sprinkler industry have failed to teach about our product. We in the fire service have failed to learn about one of our tools. Sprinkler systems are currently described in most fire training publications as requiring 15 psi at the top of a sprinkler riser. Sprinkler systems being installed today can require as much as 150 psi at a flow of 3000 gpm at the top of the riser. Pumping 500 gpm at 15 psi to this system would be like pumping 50 gpm to a 500-gpm master stream. Hydraulically designed systems We must consider several features in the design of sprinkler systems. Many systems being installed today are hydraulically calculated. The sprinkler system piping…

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