Effectiveness Of Foam on Emergency Landings

Issue 10 and Volume 128.

Effectiveness Of Foam on Emergency Landings features —Denver Fire Department photo, Terry Brennen. Back in the roaring ’20s, it was not uncommon for mail pilots or barnstormers on cross-country flights to frequent the pastures and wheat fields of our great country. Emergency landings were commonplace occurrences because of bad weather, low fuel and assorted mechanical malfunctions. Emergency landings are a remote possibility today. A commercial pilot may log millions of hours before he is faced with making an emergency setdown that might result in a low-impact crash landing. Late in 1949, I donned my first crash fire fighter’s hood and pulled my first hand line from an old FFN-3 crash truck. As a flight engineer, I have walked away from three lowimpact crash landings while serving with the United States Coast Guard from 1949 to 1955. Of my 25 years association in the fire service, 15 have been spent in…

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