Leased Pumper Is Answer To Training Budget Pinch

Issue 10 and Volume 128.

Leased Pumper Is Answer To Training Budget Pinch features Leasing fire apparatus and equipment may solve the plight of state fire training programs as inflation plays havoc with long-range plans. Carrol L. Herring, coordinator for the firemen training program at Louisiana State University said that the signing of a lease for a recently delivered John Bean 750-gpm pumper on a Ford chassis solved a dilemma that threatened to slow the momentum of the university’s 12-year-old training program. He felt sure that other fire training programs faced similar problems in trying to stay abreast of innovative training developments at the national level. Initial expenditures at LSU were necessary for basic construction, which included administrative offices, classrooms, laboratory space and outdoor training facilities. Although a 25-acre training center was in operation by October 1972, inflation began to take its toll as early as 1973. Up-to-date apparatus needed Herring said, “It was a…

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