Secure Home Or Fire Trap?

Issue 10 and Volume 128.

Secure Home Or Fire Trap? As homeowners strive to make their homes burglar proof, many transform their homes into escape-proof prisons in the event of a fire. Iron window bars, double cylinder locks and dead bolts with keyholes, while they keep out burglars, may trap people in homes during a fire. Every year, hundreds of people die because they are unable to escape from burglar-secure buildings and firemen are unable to get past security devices to rescue them. The choice has become one of life or property. This dilemma is made more difficult by the fact that home burglaries are widespread, while home fires seem to be isolated incidents. However, it is possible to sacrifice a small bit of security for a large amount of fire safety. This means using window bars with latches that open from the inside and locks that do not require a key to be opened…

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