Awards to Fire Fighters Sponsored by Buff Clubs

Issue 10 and Volume 128.

Awards to Fire Fighters Sponsored by Buff Clubs Whatever the job, the pay, or the working conditions, nothing means quite quite so much as a pat on the back for outstanding performance. In a number of communities, fire fighters are singled out—usually on an annual basis—for special honors when they have done an outstanding job. Such recognition can be a real morale booster. There are two sides to it, of course. Some may feel heroic rescues or any other noteworthy acts in the line of duty are just what the men get paid to do, so they don’t deserve special credit. Perhaps, others may say, it’s too difficult to single out one man, or a few men, as being better than the rest. It smacks of favoritism or politics. If properly handled, however, such awards are good for the men and good for the fire department. They are established institutions…

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