’74 Detroit Fires Up

Issue 10 and Volume 128.

’74 Detroit Fires Up Building fires in Detroit increased nearly 8 percent in 1974 from the previous year. However, losses due to fire damage were $32.8 million, a decrease of $2.8 million. The increase in fires reflects corresponding increases in the number of fire alarms, medical service runs and fire investigations. In 1974, the total number of alarms dispatched was 53,717, an increase of 7000; emergency medical service (EMS) runs totaled 112,576, a record since the EMS unit was established in 1972; and investigations increased by almost 10 percent to 3634. In 1974, 88 persons lost their lives as a result of fires and 334 were injured, as compared with 80 fire related deaths and 284 injuries in 1973.

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