Bowling Alley Dust Blasts Caused by Faulty Sander

Issue 10 and Volume 128.

Bowling Alley Dust Blasts Caused by Faulty Sander An alarm at a bowling alley turned out to be the first step in solving the mystery of the ignition source that touched off two dust explosions. In accordance with a refinishing permit requirement in Greensburg, I was advised that sanding operations would be conducted on the lanes of the Main Bowling Center on July 14. At 8:30 a.m., our 911 dispatch center received a report of a fire at the bowling alley. I immediately ordered a second-alarm assignment in consideration of the manpower situation at this time of day and the occupancy hazard. The first deputy chief on the scene reported that the building was heavily charged with smoke but that the fire was out. Responding companies were returned with the exception of No. 2 Hi-Ex and No. 8 Salvage, which were held to do ventilation. The Hi-Ex truck moves 13,500…

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