Blitz Attack Uses Minimum In Manpower and Water

Issue 10 and Volume 128.

Blitz Attack Uses Minimum In Manpower and Water departments The Volunteers Corner The blitz attack offers the officer of the first-in pumper an alternative for knocking down a fire with a limited amount of water and manpower. Although the name is of recent vintage, the attack goes back to the days when piped deck guns were carried on hose wagons in the larger fire departments. Essentially, the blitz attack is the immediate delivery of a large-volume fire stream on a fire to knock it down to small-line size. In rural areas, it is based on the decision that the use of a 250 to 500-gpm stream with water from the booster tank will darken down the fire in no more than 30 to 60 seconds and extinguishment of the remaining fire can be done with a small line, using water remaining on the attack pumper or on the next-arriving piece.…

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