The Book Shelf

Issue 10 and Volume 128.

The Book Shelf departments FIGHTING HIGH-RISE BUILDING FIRES—TACTICS AND LOGISTICS, Assistant Chief of Department Robert F. Mendes; National Fire Protection Association, 470 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Mass. 02210; 153 pages, $12.50. Written by the deputy chief of staff and operation of the New York Fire Department, this book discusses the high-rise fire problem as it affects both fire fighting and building management. Stack effect, standpipe operations, ventilation system control, enclosed stairs, fire towers, core construction and elevators are among the high-rise building characteristics that are discussed in relation to how the fire commander must evaluate their use for fire suppression as well as protection of building occupants. One chapter explains high-rise construction features, including mechanical systems and fire loading. Fire fighting recommendations cover the establishment of a command post and making effective use of the building engineer and fire safety director in developing the attack plan. The use of pressure-sensitive tape…

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