’37 Pumper gets 3rd Life With Extensive Renovation

Issue 11 and Volume 128.

’37 Pumper gets 3rd Life With Extensive Renovation For the second time in its life, a 1937 pumper has been restored to service with the Hubert, N.C., Volunteer Fire Department. An interesting feature built into the apparatus this last time is a master switch panel box that can be used to control power to emergency and running lights either individually or as a group by a master switch. After the engine failed on the ‘37 Peter Pirsch 750-gpm pumper, a Ford F600 chassis was bought in 1966, and the pump and body were placed on the new chassis. Last year, the pumper again was taken out of service because it needed repairs, and this time it was decided to rebuild the pump, paint the apparatus and make some changes. One of the changes was to move the rear booster reel to a transverse position atop the body and install a…

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