Radio Boxes For Airport

Issue 11 and Volume 128.

Radio Boxes For Airport Gamewell radio fire alarm boxes by Eagle Signal Transportation and Public Safety Division are being used to protect the Lansing, Mich., Airport and surrounding facilities. The radio boxes also include signaling for police and medical assistance. The top half of the box has a pull lever for fire alarms and the bottom half has call buttons for police or medical aid. When the alarm is actuated, the unit sends an identifying signal to the communications center dispatcher. The signal is transmitted in 300 milliseconds and is repeated twice. The communications center receives a visual readout of the signal accompanied by identifying lights, an audible alarm and a printed record. Standby batteries can provide 24 hours of power in the event of a commercial power failure. Each box has a lead-acid battery which can operate for a minimum of six months without recharging. Battery voltage is automatically…

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