New Breathing System

Issue 11 and Volume 128.

New Breathing System The Scott Aviation Co., Lancaster, N.Y., will begin production of a lightweight fire fighter’s breathing system based on concepts and hardware developed by NASA engineers from aerospace technology. Called the Scott Air-Pak 4.5, the new apparatus is an example of the transfer of NASA-developed technology to help in the solution of national problems. The new unit has some advantages over conventional units, which are cumbersome to wear and tend to restrict mobility and vision. Important new features of the improved system include a 40 percent weight reduction, using a lightweight air bottle; an improved pack frame and harness, with the unit’s weight carried on the hips rather than the shoulders; and a redesigned face mask permitting better vision. Weight reduction is achieved by a NASA-developed high pressure composite vessel consisting of an aluminum liner overwrapped with fiberglass – technology originally developed for solid-propellant rocket motor cases. NASA…

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