Change-Over and Hot-Tap Hookups

Issue 11 and Volume 128.

Change-Over and Hot-Tap Hookups “It can’t be done” is the reaction I get when I tell people how our fire department has been using change-over and hot tap in pumping operations for five years. In the Ventura County, Calif., Fire Department, these evolutions have proved to be real time-savers in getting water on fires. Whether one of our engines stretches a line from fire to hydrant or lays a supply line from a hydrant and uses a 1 1/2-inch live line after taking a position at the fire, the pump operator immediately pumps from the booster tank. Our booster tank sizes range from 750 to 1000 gallons. First, I will explain how we do a change-over. Our pump operators charge the hose line by pumping from the booster tank as soon as the pumper is positioned at a hydrant, and then they connect a 12-foot, 2½-inch soft suction first to…

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