How Birmingham Developed Fire-Medic Rescue Service

Issue 11 and Volume 128.

How Birmingham Developed Fire-Medic Rescue Service When organizing a rescue unit as an integral part of the fire service, it is advisable to eliminate, as far as possible, all critical objections before presenting the plans. The proper preparation of information can avert adverse criticism that might be difficult to overcome after the public has been saturated with articles detrimental to the program. Once the need for a rescue service has been recognized, reasonable acceptance can be expected from the general public. Excellent motivating factors in our community were the TV program Emergency and citizens concerned about slow emergency service. The mayor, council, fire chief and other community leaders were constantly asked why we didn’t have a rescue unit. Through the efforts of determined and concerned citizens, various agencies and committees were formed to encourage the acquisition of some type of emergency equipment. The funds for our first rescue unit were…

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