Letters to the Editor

Issue 11 and Volume 128.

Letters to the Editor Reviewing Federal Fire Legislation Sacramento, Calif. We are most gratified to hear that you will be continuing your most valuable service in reviewing all federal legislation relating to the fire service. During the last year and a half I have been in touch with all of the state associations representing firemen’s organizations throughout the nation and have received replies from some thirty states evidencing the same lack of available information regarding federal legislation affecting the fire service. Providing it would be in your best interest too, it is my intent to duplicate your letter of August 11 and send it to those states which seem to experience the same problem, with a covering letter relating to the benefits I feel this service can provide. Gerald C. Stevenson General Manager California State Firemen’s Association Radio Communications Code Advocate Huntsville, Ala. May I be permitted a short rebuttal…

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