Water Additive Cuts Friction Loss

Issue 12 and Volume 128.

Water Additive Cuts Friction Loss M.A. The School of Public Safety Administration of the William Paterson College of New Jersey teamed up with the North Jersey Volunteer Firemen’s Association recently to assist in the development and testing of a revolutionary fire stream propellant and wetting agent. The new product is an aqueous additive for propulsion and penetration of fire streams called Firestream Plus. It was invented and is manufactured by the Riverside Polymer Corporation of Paterson, N.J. Hydrodynamists have known for over 100 years that at very low rates of flow, the particles of water follow straight lines, but that after a certain velocity is reached, the straight line flow is upset and the particles of water dash wildly about, causing a turbulent or chaotic flow. This chaotic flow takes place when the velocity exceeds the critical. The water is also said to have sinuous motion when the particles of…

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