Washington’s Old Company Lives On as Fire Museum

Issue 2 and Volume 129.

Washington’s Old Company Lives On as Fire Museum Alexandria, Va., is known as George Washington’s home town. It is the city where he attended the theater, church, political meetings, and drilled his first provincial troops in Market Square in 1754, Directly across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., Alexandria is a city rich in the history of the American Revolution. To the fire fighter, Alexandria has a special meaning. I’m sure we all can remember from our early school years the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware River, or Washington at Valley Forge on his knees in the snow, praying to God to sustain his troops. But can you imagine this same military leader, soon to be the first president of the United States, hearing the big bell in the cupola that signaled fire and making his way to the Rainbow Tavern, where the Friendship veterans kept their engine. Quickly,…

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