Fire Reporting System Computerized in Ontario

Issue 2 and Volume 129.

Fire Reporting System Computerized in Ontario A restructured and up-to-date computerized statistical system for reporting fires, fire deaths and injuries, and fire losses went into operation in Ontario, Canada, last month. The new system, which covers fire departments throughout the province, was developed under the direction of Ontario Fire Marshal Joseph H. Kendall. The revamping of the Ontario Fire Marshal (OFM) reporting system was based on a quarter of a century of much less sophisticated data processing in which the information required was on a smaller scale and was compiled on a quarterly basis. The new system will provide monthly reports to municipalities that will show monthly and cumulative totals of fire losses and casualties. The new OFM statistical system is designed to dovetail with similar programs in use in other Canadian provinces or in the planning stage. It is one that has been approved by the Association of Canadian…

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