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Detector Law Can Affect Old Homes

Issue 5 and Volume 129.

Detector Law Can Affect Old Homes features Many municipalities require the installation of smoke detectors in new homes and apartments, but Farmers Branch, Texas, a Dallas suburb, has passed a smoke detector ordinance that is retroactive under certain circumstances. It requires the installation of smoke detectors not only in all new residential occupancies, but also in existing homes upon a chance of occupancy or ownership, or after repairs or additions exceeding $500 in value. Full coverage in 10 years Apartment owners are required to have smoke detectors installed in 20 percent of their apartment units by the end of the first year and in an additional 20 percent each succeeding year, so that by 1980, all apartments in Farmers Branch will be protected by smoke detectors. “Based on current installation figures, this safety device hopefully will be found in every home within the next 10 years,” predicted Farmers Branch Fire…

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