Supermarket Flashover Kills Anchorage Fireman

Issue 8 and Volume 129.

Supermarket Flashover Kills Anchorage Fireman Anchorage Times photo A violent flashover in the Muldoon Bi-Lo Supermarket in Anchorage, Alaska, killed one fire fighter and injured several others at a fire that went to a third alarm and heavily damaged the contents and building. The fire was reported in the closed supermarket at 12:08 a.m. last February 6. The store is located at the extreme northeast corner of Anchorage, and is the primary part of a complex of stores completed in 1972 which adjoined an existing complex of three stores. The first-arriving company reported a fire in the rear section of the large store and made an initial attack with two 1 1/2-inch lines, working parallel, and advancing to the rear of the store. The fire was being pushed back, but Captain Ernest Dean and Battalion Chief Art Forrester, noting that the ceiling area was reaching dangerous temperatures, ordered the lines…

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