From the Publishers Desk

Issue 10 and Volume 129.

From the Publishers Desk Emergency Medical Service Still Expanding Almost every state now seems to have advanced life support (ALS) provided by emergency medical technicians-a far cry from the year 1967 when there was none. It was in 1967 that telemetry was introduced to the fire service (by the Miami Fire Department). This was dutifully reported in Fire Engineering by our editor in the November issue of that year. It was also in that year that our editor began calling for greater participation (by the fire service) in emergency medical services. We don’t claim all the credit, but it seems that every fire department now provides some emergency medical service and some that is of the most sophisticated type. In the years since 1967, the federal government has taken a strong interest in EMS. The United States Department of Transportation now provides a course guide and an instructor plan for…

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