The Book Shelf

Issue 10 and Volume 129.

The Book Shelf PHYSICAL FITNESS AND THE FIRE SERVICE, Donald T. Jacobs; National Fire Protection Association, 470 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Mass. 02210; 88 pages, $6.00. The author lays the groundwork for the need for physical fitness in the fire service by citing the unusual stresses experienced in fighting fires and the high level of heart attacks in the fire service. He takes the position that “most of these heart attacks result from inadequate physical conditioning-not from unavoidable occupational hazards.” The book continues with chapters on a physical fitness testing program and how to implement a physical fitness program, including descriptions and photos of recommended exercises. The Los Angeles City Fire Department physical fitness program is described in the appendix. OFFICIAL METRIC SYSTEM, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., 145 West Wisconsin Avenue, Neenah, Wis. 54956; 78 pages, $1.00. Written for the layman, this booklet succinctly describes metric measurement terms with…

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