Emergency Care Now Reaching More People

Issue 11 and Volume 129.

Emergency Care Now Reaching More People features The Editor’s Opinion Page Elsewhere in these pages you will read what amounts to a case history of how one fire department, Sarasota, got into the emergency medical service—almost overnight and quite successfully. In the opening of the article, the author, Chief Harold Stinchcomb, asks: “Can you provide a service deeply appreciated by the citizens (of your town) which results in the saving of many lives that would have been lost without adequate emergency medical treatment?” This is a question that is more and more occupying the attention of fire chiefs in this country and Canada. In Sarasota, four years ago, the citizens were in the same position that many others are in today: without ambulance service because private companies are no longer able “to financially stand the burden of operating an ambulance business.” And particularly so because of the public awareness—and the…

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