Portable Monitor/Defibrillator— The Heart of Today’s EMS

Issue 11 and Volume 129.

Portable Monitor/Defibrillator— The Heart of Today’s EMS features Literally the “heart” of today’s emergency medical service is the portable cardiac monitor/defibrillator, product of a fast-growing technology only a few years old. Anyone responsible for either well established or brand new EMS operations may well ask: What are the operating features of available monitors? What standards govern their design? What tests are used to make sure they will work, and what future developments can be expected? Although electrocardiography is not a new science, only recently was equipment made for portable use by technicians in the field. The first batteryoperated portable defibrillator came on the market prior to 1969—except there was no market. Too few EMS programs existed to support its manufacture. Workshop held Many hospitals, physicians, and fire and police services developed their own systems using equipment often custom-made for their requirements. In August 1971, an international conference on engineering in…

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