Issue 1 and Volume 130.

IT IS GOOD FOR — N. Y. Independent. Burns and Scalds, Chilblains, Frost Bites. Sprains and Bruises, Chapped Hands, Flesh Wounds, External Poisons, Sand Cracks, Galls of all kinds, Sitfast, Ringbone, Poll Evil, Swellings, Tumors, Garget in Cows, Cracked Teats, Callous, Lameness, Horn Distemper, Crownscab, Quittor, Foul Ulcers, Farcy, Abscess of the Udder, Swelled Legs, Thrush, Scratches or Grease, Stringhalt, Windgalls, Foot Rot in Sheep, Foundered Feet, Roup in Poultry, Cracked Heels, Epizootic, Lame Back, Hemorrhoids or Piles, Toothache, Rheumatism, Spavins, Sweeney, Fistula, Mange, Caked Breasts, Sore Nipples, Curb, Old Sores, Corns, Whitlows, Cramps, Boils, Weakness of Joints, Contractions of Muscles. Extract from a letter from DEWEY & Co., dated Hanover, N. H., Jan. 20, 1855.—The medicine (Gargling Oil) is all sold but four bottles, and it gives great satisfaction. We frequently have calls for it by persons upon recommendation of our best physicians, and there is no mistake but…

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