From the Publishers Desk

Issue 1 and Volume 130.

From the Publishers Desk Centennial Year 1877-1977 One hundred years ago, Colonel Clifford Thomson, editor of the National Fireman’s Journal, which had only just flashed across the horizon of the nation’s fire service, read an essay on “The Literature of the Fire Service” before the National Association of Fire Engineers (now the International Association of Fire Chiefs). In his essay, Colonel Thomson noted deploringly that “when I came to look about me for the American literature of the fire service, I found that America had no such literature. However,” he concluded, “if the American literature of the fire service is an unknown quantity there is nevertheless a fine literature rich in research and accumulated facts and experiences. This literature consists of able works written by practical firemen of the old country upon the fire service in general; of pamphlets and essays, treating of special features of the service; and of…

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