The Book Shelf

Issue 1 and Volume 130.

The Book Shelf PHOTOGRAPHY FOR THE FIRE SERVICE, edited by John D. Peige; International Fire Service Training Association, Fire Protection Publications, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla. 74074; 188 pages, $5. A lot of ground is covered by this wideangle lens view of fire service photography. There are tips and techniques that will interest the experienced photographer and there is sufficient basic information to give anyone without photographic experience an understanding of how to get started in this specialized field. The opening chapters discuss how cameras work, the features of various types of cameras available and the different types of films. In addition to a chapter on fireground photography, there are chapters on taking photos for training aids, fire investigation, public relations and fire prevention. This book also discusses the use of flash bulbs and strobe lights, and it also provides information on processing film and making prints. IRON MEN AND…

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