Issue 2 and Volume 130.

TOPICS OF THE DAY THE German insurance companies were concerned in 1883 in 24,238 fires. The number of incendiary fires was not so large, but the number of suspected cases and of carelessness showed no lessening. No fewer than 1176 cases were caused by lightning; matches were credited with 717; defective construction, 916; spontaneous combustion, 183. A WESTERN paper remarks that if underwriters, insurance superintendents and legislators would devote some of the attention, time and talent to devising means for the prevention of fires that they are now wasting on schemes to prevent the citizen of his natural and inherent right to insure with whom he pleases, they would be rendering a far greater public service and placing themselves in a position to be looked upon as having enlightened and businesslike views instead of narrow-minded prejudices. SOME days ago our New Orleans correspondent, W. E. Dodsworth, was presented with a…

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