Issue 3 and Volume 130.

DEFECTS IN TALL BUILDINGS OBJECTIONS to the skyscraper are beginning to multiply. So far as the old New York city (Manhattan borough) is concerned, it is obvious that under the present conditions of business they are a necessity, and that, so long as the piers of the great steamship lines, great mercantile houses, the banks, Custom house and other Federal buildings, the courts and municipal offices, the exchanges, the. railroad depots, and the like remain down town, the great bulk of the city’s business will be transacted there. And, as that business is ever on the increase, it is evident that it requires increased accommodation, which, owing to the exigencies of space and the enormous value of land within the required limits, renders the erection of skyscrapers an absolute necessity. The same law applies in many other cities, but we are convinced that in some there is no need for…

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