Buffs Travel Many Routes To Deliver Needed Services

Issue 4 and Volume 130.

Buffs Travel Many Routes To Deliver Needed Services Adding to recent reports in these pages of public realtions and community service work by buff clubs in their local areas, the 20th Anniversary Issue of the International Fire Buff Associates magazine “Turn Out” lists a number of other novel ways in which these groups lent a hand during 1976. The clubs involved are small, some in cities under 50,000 population—all the unique services aren’t performed by the big groups with scores of members who take their canteens out 200 times a year. For example, the buffs of the Racine, Wis., Fire Bell Club had a busy time of it on two occasions when false bomb threats were phoned in to local nursing homes. Members helped fire and police personnel evacuate the buildings, wheeling or carrying the non-ambulatory occupants to places of safety. Emergency patient care has been emphasized in Racine’s club.…

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