Issue 4 and Volume 130.

FIREFIGHTING IN FROZEN REGIONS Pages from the Past Some years ago when a fire broke out in Dawson, Yukon Territory, all that could be done was to let it burn itself out, or to dynamite the adjoining buildings. Today all that is changed and, under Chief James A. Lester, fires are fought as intelligently and efficiently as in any Eastern city in Canada or the United States. The conditions, however, under which the Dawson firemen operate are widely different from those of more genial climates. Except for a very few months in the year, eternal winter rules, and the firefighting is awful work—as in January last—when for eighteen days, three reliable thermometers bore witness to an average of 50° below zero, with a strong wind blowing every day from January 16 to January 24—each inclusive on the first and last of these days, the thermometer registered 40° and 46° respectively,…

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