From the Publishers Desk

Issue 4 and Volume 130.

From the Publishers Desk Military Fire Fighters— The Unsung Heroes Few people realize it, but the biggest fire departments in the fire service are probably those of the United States military forces which are scattered throughout the world in the various bases and installations of the Army, Navy and Air Force. We got to thinking about this when we first read the article on the United States Air Force fire suppression and prevention program that begins on page 47. The Air Force, alone, has buildings and aircraft valued at $100 billion. Add to this the value of the buildings and equipment that the Army and Navy fire forces must protect and you come up with an almost unbelievable figure. The story in this issue features the development of an airport crash truck named the P-15 which can carry 6180 gallons of water and 515 gallons of AFFF concentrate—truly a monster…

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