More Hose Stretches For Different Situations

Issue 4 and Volume 130.

More Hose Stretches For Different Situations departments The Volunteers Corner Developing from the basic straight, reverse and inline pumping hose lays by a single engine company are other lays involving two or more pumpers. The extent of the fire and the foreground layout affect decisions as to the appropriate stretch to use. A quick initial attack with an indefinite water supply can be provided by two engine companies working together. Actually, this evolution is a two-piece engine company routine (where the company has two pumpers) that can be done by two single piece engine companies. The lead engine drops a line at a hydrant, makes a flying stretch to the fire and starts supplying lines with booster tank water. When responding from the opposite direc-. tion, the second engine company drops a line at the engine positioned at the fire and stretches to the hydrant as in E. The second…

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