Test of Nott Engine at Plainfield

Issue 5 and Volume 130.

Test of Nott Engine at Plainfield The Plainfield, N. J., new Nott motor pumping engine was officially tested on March 14. under the supervision of the engineers of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, the test consisting of one hour duration through two 350 ft. lines of two and one-half-inch fire hose, using one and one-eighth-inch nozzle. At no time during the test of an hour’s run was the water pressure below 150 pounds, and there was a continuous delivery of 617 To show the gallons from an eight-foot lift. To show the engine’s ability in throwing large streams, an Eastman Deluge Set was used, and with two 250-ft. lines of hose and one and one-halfinch nozzle, showing 85 pounds at the tip, the stream was thrown over 200 feet and at a height that surprised all the city officials as well as the visiting Chiefs, taking into consideration that…

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