Issue 5 and Volume 130.

CORRESPONDENCE In Defense of Volunteers To THE Editor:—In reading the issue of your valuable paper of Feb. 25, 1914, I noticed that a certain Alderman of Ithaca, N. Y., in arguing for a paid fire department recently said: “I would venture to say that three (3) professional fire fighters in New York City can do more efficient work than twenty-five (25) firemen in any volunteer department.” This seems to me to be a very erratic assertion for any one to make, especially when most all firemen, both paid and volunteer, are aware of the fact of what little knowledge of fire fighting ability is possessed by “City Fathers.” This country would have a terrible time to extinguish the many fires that occur nowadays if it were not for the volunteer departments In small villages and in many cities excellent service is received from volunteers, which I might add, is due…

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