Issue 5 and Volume 130.

FIRE ALARM DISTURBANCE IN NEW YORK Hampered by almost impassable streets and tbe fire alarm system either partly or entirely out of commission in some of the boroughs, New York faced a serious danger from fire during the recent blizzard of Sunday and Monday March 1st, and 2nd. Every lineman who could be impressed into service worked all day and night repairing the fire alarm wires, and one thousand firemen patrolled the unprotected sections. All leaves of absence were withdrawn and the approaches to fire stations were cleared of snow by the firemen, who had this hard work to perform. Fire Commissioner Robert Adamson obtained the use of all automobiles in the city service, and as many sleighs as he could, to carry the repair crews. It will take a week or ten days before the alarms can be thoroughly repaired. In the Bronx twenty per cent, of the alarm…

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