Computer Saves Time and Work

Issue 6 and Volume 130.

Computer Saves Time and Work features The Editor’s Opinion Page Eight years ago we published our first article on the electronic computer and its introduction to the fire service. Acceptance since then has been slow (cost has something to do with this) but steady, until today when many departments are using this most efficient administrative tool. Understandably, only a large fire department can afford its own computer. But computers and other electronic data processing equipment (EDP) can be shared or EDP services rented. Smaller departments, therefore, can get into the act. One way is to use an EDP facility which a municipality (or a county agency) uses for all its departments. Administration is usually the most convenient and practical place to start a fire department computer operation. Payrolls with deductions for pensions, insurance and hospitalization come readily to mind. Then there is the maintenance of running cards—multiple alarms, moveups—and an…

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