Safeguarding Schools from Fire

Issue 6 and Volume 130.

Safeguarding Schools from Fire The mind of the fire chief and of others responsible for Fire Prevention, naturally turns to the subject of regulation of fires in schools, for not only are these one of the greatest of our hazards, but the inmates are, generally speaking, the most helpless of all persons when exposed to the perils of fire and panic. This being the case, the paper published on page 61 of this week’s issue is a particularly pertinent one. In it Walter B. Bell, the Commissioner of Fire Prevention of Tennessee, deals with the subject of fires in schools in his usual lucid and practical manner. The figures that Mr. Bell cites of fires in schools and academies during 1917 and 1918 are particularly interesting. While the figures are not available we venture to predict that the large total of fires for 1918 will be far exceeded by that…

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