EVCS for Portsmouth, Va.

Issue 6 and Volume 130.

EVCS for Portsmouth, Va. In Portsmouth, Va., 80 Gamewell emergency voice communications system (EVCS) boxes have been installed by the manufacturer, Eagle Signal Corporation. Another 220 street boxes are to be installed for fire, police and medical emergencies. The EVCS boxes replace a telegraph alarm box system. Much of the old telegraph wire was used in the new installation, which is compatible with master boxes still in use throughout the city. J. H. Simpson, communications director in the Portsmouth Office of Civil Defense, commented, “With two-way voice communications, the dispatcher can more easily determine if there is an emergency or if it is a false alarm.” The communications center equipment installed with the boxes is solid state and requires less space than the equipment it replaced. When an EVCS box handset is lifted off the hook, both audible and visual signals are received along with a printout of the time…

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