Chimney Fire Prevention in New Jersey

Issue 6 and Volume 130.

Chimney Fire Prevention in New Jersey To the Editor: Our fieldman recently made a trip through New Jersey and in Hoboken he found a wonder in the way of a fire chief. He is J. J. Gilday, now chief engineer of the Bureau of Fire. You probably know him; if not, you ought to get acquainted with him for he is an inspiration to anyone who has fire prevention at heart. Hoboken has had an ordinance for many years requiring that all chimneys be properly constructed and lined throughout with flue lining and the ordinance has been strictly enforced. Mr. Gilday told our representative that of 500runs during 1920 less than 2 per cent, were caused by chimney fires and he attributes this happy situation to the strict enforcement of the ordinance. The down town business section is inspected at stated periods throughout the year and every building, including dwellings,…

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